Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Writing Group Facilitator, 2002-2010

In 2002, I was asked to facilitate a writing group for senior citizens at the Northwest Senior Center; in 2006 that center was closed and the group relocated to Derfelt Senior Center. In 2010, Derfelt also closed, and my group stopped meeting. The group had a membership of approximately 10 regular attendees. I researched and wrote a weekly agenda for the group, led group discussions, and assisted writers in completing projects. I began my Just Write blog to give my group members an additional resource. Since my writing group members enjoyed the writing prompts I created for them, I also self-published a booklet, The Doorbell at Dawn, to complement the material on my blog.

Using Microsoft Publisher, I assembled and created two compilations in zine form for the group (pictured here are the covers and front pages of both issues of "The Write Connection.")

Many members of the group were interested in self-publication as opposed to traditional publication, and I've formatting and prepared three books for self-published authors. I've coached several others through the process. Other members have attained more conventional success, publishing their stories in magazines like Reminisce and Good Old Days. One of the members, Marie McDonald, successfully self-published her fitness book, Your Personal Best, and wrote an award-winning column for The View, the Las Vegas Review Journal's local publication.