Thursday, June 23, 2011

Current Book Projects

Writing books is fun—but selling them is tough. I'm working on more than one book at the moment, but I have a completed proposal ready for The Department: Behind the Scenes at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

In over twenty years with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, I never pulled a gun on anyone—although that was mostly because they wouldn't give me one. I was a civilian, an unarmed, unsworn member of the police department, one of thousands of employees doing support work so police officers could be dedicated to working the streets. I started out as a clerk on the graveyard shift, and when I left I was the director of records for the Clark County Detention Center. During my time at Metro, I worked in seven different assignments, including ten years at the Crime Lab that inspired "CSI." My memoir tells readers what it's like to work inside one of America's largest police agencies from a completely new point of view—I'm no cop, but my book tells you why I think like a lot like one.